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CheckWeighers 440 series

CheckWeighers 440 series
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New CheckWeighers Generation
Model series 440

Some of the benefits offered by this equipment are:-

  • Low cost of checkweighers
  • User-Friendly operation of weighers with clear text on large LCD display
  • Infinitely variable range of weighing equipment 0,5 g - 25 kg
  • Weighing speed up to 250 packages/min
  • Dynamic accuracy of checkweigher +/- 50 mg
  • Static accuracy of checkweigher +/- 10 mg
  • Customized size of conveyors, to suit customer requirements
  • Extensive statistical evaluation and reporting
  • Self test with fault indication in clear text
  • Various password protected levels for checkweigher programming by operators
  • Application specific custom design of checkweighers


  • Reject verification check
  • internal or external printer for automatic reporting
  • various interfaces
  • In order to enhance quality control procedures, automatic report generations, and communication with optional supervisory computer system ( SCADA ), are available.
  • net weight control of filling equipment, by close loop feedback






Weighing Technology, Weighers, WeighFillers, WeighFeeders, Checkweighers, Pharmaceutical Counters

High Speed Automatic Checkweigher

Automatic Checkweigher with double weighers

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